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connect to your Divine Feminine Magic to Unleash your Creative Genius 

Writer as Goddess

The Goddess infuses life into everything.

Your message is getting out to the world!  People are taking you seriously, embracing your wisdom, appreciating what you have to say!  Your words are contributing to the world! 

You never knew you could feel this way about writing, but that’s because you have a Secret! You are fueled by the eternal magic of Creativity Goddesses who have been helping Writers, Artists and Storytellers since the dawn of time! 

This is a lost art, but you’re here on earth right now to reclaim your magick! To rediscover the lost art of Sacred Storytelling with the Creativity Goddesses! 

And the best part?

Your writing practice is something that feeds you, fills you up, and makes you feel alive! Imagine writing pages and pages because it feels GOOD! You’re in the most delicious flow and every moment is full of discovery and delight. 

you wake up in the morning INSPIRED to write! Words flow through you easily and effortlessly. You know exactly WHAT you want to say and HOW you want to say it! For you writing is like an enchanted dream, that brings you SO much joy!

Imagine this,

The three Goddesses who changed my relationship with words and stories were Brigid of Ireland, Saraswati of India and Ceridwen of Wales. And now these three powerhouse Goddesses invite you to a deep exploration of your creative strengths! 

In Writer as Goddess you will work deeply with these three goddesses over 3 months weeks to come more deeply into your CREATIVE POWER!

If you’ve been blocked before as a Writer it’s because you haven't fully opened your creative channel and activated your deep connection to Source! You are a natural Creator – creating every single moment of your life. To be fully in your creative flow you need to EMBODY the divine within.

Several years ago, I opened my soul to receive the teachings of the Goddess, and now I want to show YOU how – how to write from your soul – how to work with the Goddess to become a pure channel.

Embodiment Exercises to fully claim the Goddess within, an important part of coming into your Creative Power

Tools you take with you to become a better writer! 

Guided Meditations to help you connect with your Inner Goddess and clear blocks to your Creativity

Goddess Tales & Education

Fun, magical writing exercises to expand your creative capacity and move past limitations! 

Ways to Unlock your Creativity

Time and space to write and create as the Goddess you are!

join this program
Join this program if you’re looking for

Discover your Creative Strengths 

Tap into Divine Inspiration

Birth Your Creations into the world with ease 

Connect with your Divine Feminine Magic

Unleash your full creative potential

Create a Sacred Writing Practice! 

Learn to channel your Inner Creativity Goddess for a brand NEW level of Creative Genius

you'll also
you'll also

Anyone who never thought they could write, but always dreamed of it! 

Someone who likes Journaling and would like to see their words take on new life! 

Anyone writing a Book, Screenplay, or another Creative Project!

Spiritual Entrepreneurs who need help writing soulful words for their Courses, Website, Social Media, Emails, and programs! 

Content Creators 

Longtime writers who want to rediscover the joy of writing!

Aspiring Writers who dream of creating something beautiful! 

this program is for

You’ll be infused with their energy, and it will seem like you’ve become the Goddess of Language and Inspiration!  Your ideas flourish in the world! Writing is bliss!   You’re shocked by the beauty of the words that pour out of you!

By inviting these goddesses into your life, you’ll also feel more magnetic and confident, because the energy of play and sensuality will become a part of all that you do!  

It’s time for writing to be magical again! 

month three

We'll be working with the 9 Muses and Ceridwen's Cauldron of Inspiration to take your writing to new heights! 

month two

Hathor and Saraswati will activate the power of your voice and help you step into your birthright as a Creator.

month one

you get
you get

This is a space for you to cultivate your unique genius as a Writer, telling YOUR story through ancient magic and longtime secrets to creativity! Learn to channel your words directly from these Goddesses! 

This is a sacred container for real Creative Magic!

Speak from your heart and soul and MOVE people with your words. The trick is going deep and speaking from that soulful place, to say the words that only YOU can say! 

Make your writing shine, be confident and magnetic on the page! 

Brigid and Aphrodite will teach you how to move into greater states of Receptivity and Flow, to deepen your creativity.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel CONFIDENT in your abilities as a Writer and Speaker. You’ll have eloquence and flow! And you’ll feel Magnetic as you open up to the Goddess energies of sensuality, joy and play! 

Come out the other side of this program in LOVE with writing, lit up, fired up, and excited to share your words with the world! 

You’ll also feel a profound sense of accomplishment! 

By the end of our 3 months you’ll have completed a writing goal that you personally set at the beginning! I will be overseeing your progress, ensuring that your vision comes to life! 

If you know there’s something inside you that’s always wanted to be expressed, or there’s another level of creativity that you’re trying to access, working with me is the catalyst you’ve been seeking to actualize your creative and professional dreams! 

One of my great gifts is igniting the creative spark and soul fire in others!

I’ve taught Creative Writing Classes and Workshops to all age groups, including elementary, middle, high school and college level students. I’ve also taken Writing Classes at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence – these are some of the most renowned schools for writing in the United States. 

The sacred creative content in this program is NOT taught in schools! It’s personally designed by me and channeled through for you. 

I’ve been studying writing for over 20 years! I know what works and I know how to ignite your soul fire so you can step into your greatness! This is my area of expertise!

I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College and a B.A. in Writing and British Literature from Skidmore College.

hi, i'm elizabeth

Marissa Byrne

I showed up to a free writing circle Elizabeth held and I felt the magic - I knew she was the right one to help me birth my story! Elizabeth honors me and my process while also balancing out my watery energy when needed with the structure and accountability to keep me on track and the fire to keep me going. She is an incredible teacher of the writing itself and also the bardic priestess path I find myself on. It's very nice to have someone who understands and helps weave magic into my elfae story! 

She is one of those people who brings you back to yourself, empowering you the writer and unlocking what's in you, bringing out the best version of your story! And the process is such a joy. If you feel the call, answer it!!

I knew Elizabeth was the right one to help me birth my story!

Linda McKittrick

For over a year now, I have been working with her weekly, and have gone from being an aspirational writer, to actually writing my book!

Wise beyond her years, she has guided me skillfully through both the practical and energetic realms of writing. Even more importantly, she has helped me learn to weave one with the other. She knows that I do best with positive feedback, yet is not afraid to coax me past my blocks and resistance. 

Elizabeth has helped me feel and hold the frequency of the book itself -- which has helped me to actually write the book! This has been alchemical for me. She’s taught me how to elevate my writing and truly enjoy the writing process, which makes life more beautiful.  

Elizabeth is pure magic

Ashton Rae Wild

The best words I can find to describe Elizabeth Bercovici are: magical word goddess!!! Through Elizabeth’s incredible gifts of guidance, teaching, and editing; my life has been forever changed. Before working with Elizabeth, I had extreme difficulty ‘finding my words’; both verbal and written. Now, with her phenomenally intuitive assistance, I have published my website, uploaded my 1st meditation video, and written several poems that I will someday publish as an anthology. All of this, I could not have done without Elizabeth’s guidance and editing skills. Her gentle, creative, supportive, and encouraging manner has been such a blessing to my tender soul. She has guided me so gracefully through the process of bringing my story into written and verbal form. For me to allow such beautiful poetry to flow through my fingertips has been so freeing and healing to my soul. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and her magical ways with words.”

Magical word goddess!

Your magic IS needed.

Your words ARE needed.

During our 3 months together, we’ll also work on cultivating Self Confidence! We’ll work with the Goddesses to clear blocks related to self-esteem, self-worth and believing in yourself as a Writer! 

If you're a Writer who’s lost your way or lost the magic, it’s time to uplevel your skillset, and come back into your true voice and Authentic Soul Expression! 

I use the Sacred Tools I'm going to teach you in Writer as Goddess every day, in my personal life and professional writing! 

My writing has never been this deeply connected to Source and it’s made all the difference for my business and soul projects. 

My business took off when I fully embraced the sacred Creative teachings of the Goddess. I practice this every day in devotion and I can honestly say that this process CHANGES you!

You deserve the joy of writing in your life! 

The Goddesses are here to support us during this time of great transition.

 I’ll teach you how to enchant your audience! 

Learn how you can bring beauty and magic to the page!

As magical as this course is, it still requires commitment and discipline. Know that if you sign up, you are signing up for a FULL activation of your creativity in the world! Be ready for transformation and change! 

Divine Creativity
When you call in Divine Creativity, when you align yourself with the Goddess, there is no limit to what you can create.

If you’re called to start Writing, to connect with your innate, essential creativity, then I invite you to join me for Writer as Goddess. 

If you have a creative project that’s been in your heart and the time is now – let these Goddesses create real magic with you! 

This was my first time writing a book, and the subject matter was not easy since it dealt with childhood trauma, Complex PTSD, and my spiritual journey along the way. But Elizabeth's understanding and compassion was exceptional. It meant a lot more work for me, but it was worth it. Thanks to her I now have a published book that has already helped hundreds of people and it's been out less than a month. I will be returning to her for my next book.

I am honored to know Elizabeth and grateful I had the privilege to work with her.

Elizabeth is quite the taskmaster.... but in a good way.

Lu Bryant


"I would urge any writer who struggles with writer’s block or needs encouragement and support to take Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop. I’m sure all writers have experienced those rare occasions when the words just flowed through, as if the story were writing itself. Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop helps to facilitate this same experience, with her invocations, imaginative visualizations and meditations. The writer’s prompts that Elizabeth provides are thoughtfully created for the individual participants. She is a caring and kind mentor. Writing with the Goddesses inspired me to relax into my writing and enjoy the process."

Elizabeth inspired me to enjoy the process

She is thorough and really went line by line (through a 1,000 page manuscript -- mind you) to make my writing shine. She is insanely creative and helpful at getting through writers blocks. Elizabeth took my writing to heart and got deeply interested in my characters, their conflicts, and their points of view. I never had to feel shy or awkward in telling her my ideas. I will continue to choose her again and again anytime that I need editing. She's everything that you could hope for in an editor!”

Going with Elizabeth was a no brainer.

Stephanie Ambarsumyan

These Bonuses come with Writer as Goddess to amplify your creative transformation!


a $950 value

7 Days of Energy Healing to Jumpstart your Creativity

a $350 value

fast action bonus

Get 7 Days of Energetic support to bust through Creative blocks so you’re ready for Writer as Goddess! The energy is all sent remotely so you just get to relax and receive! I use VortexHealing®, an ancient healing system that delivers deep healing and epic results! You’ll also get a daily email from me so you can work with the energy even more deeply!

Clearing your Biggest Creative Block – even if you don’t know what it is!

Open up your Creative Channel for new levels of inspiration! 

Optimizing the Sacral Chakra for epic creativity

Open the Throat Chakra for enhanced Creative Expression!

Step into your Power as a Creator

Open your Crown Chakra for divine downloads to pour through! 

Attune to the energy of Enchantment and bring it into your world! 

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day 6
day 7
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My Mythic Goddess Meditations

a $97 value

The Goddesses are here to support us during this time of great transition.

Your words ARE needed.

Your magic IS needed.


3 Sacred Meditations to help you

• Completely transform your Creative Practice
• Strengthen your relationship with powerful, mythic goddesses
• Learn to work with Ancient Bardic Practices.


• Increase your eloquence!!
• Improve Writing, Speaking, and Creativity
• Learn to channel divine inspiration
• Work with mantras that amplify your creative power
• Fully ignite your power as a Creator

These sacred practices are the missing link to infinite sources of creativity, wonder, magic, and inspiration. 

Magical Storytelling Interview Bundle!

a $500 value

Receive 55+ Hours of Interviews to step into your magic! This includes all 5 of my Summits, guaranteed to bring you inspiration and deep wisdom!

Fairies and Fairy Tales (a $97 value)

A Celebration of Imbolc, which honors the Goddess Brigid (a $97 value)

Eden, Avalon and the Holy Grail (a $97 value)

Fearless (a $97 value)

The Original Magical Storytelling Summit! (All about magical Storytelling!) ($97 value)

The Glass Slipper Creative Writing Workshop ($22 value)




no longer struggling with Writer's Block

No longer taking hours to write an email to your audience

No longer struggling to find the right words that capture the message you want to convey! 

Join this Program if You're Looking To

Feel confident about bringing your story to the world!

Unlock your creativity so you can write that book that's been on your heart!

Clear blocks to writing so your content becomes potent and powerful! 

Create magical writing for your Website so you can show up in the world in a brand new way!

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