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It’s time to re-ignite your innate creative spark!

In today’s world, it can be hard to feel like a Creativity Goddess, especially when your creative pipes are clogged, but the Goddess is always there, waiting for us to call upon her! 

The ancient ways have not been lost! The secrets of connecting with the Goddess for creative inspiration are still alive, you just need to remember how!

The ancients knew, the best writing comes from deep in your soul, from your immense connection to source!

The Goddess has a way of bringing us back home to the deepest part of ourselves. 

Throughout time the Goddess has been associated with the magic of words and the beauty of language! We prayed to the Goddess for inspiration to flow through us. And as we prayed, we felt her presence in this air, felt sacred magic flow from our fingertips, onto the page! 

We felt her sacred song in the wind and opened our hearts so she could speak through us. 

 She rests beneath the moonlight – letting words cascade from her pen like rays of light!

When a Goddess sits down to write, she’s in the perfect energy of divine flow!

Embodying your Inner Goddess

Harnessing the magic of words! 

Speaking beautifully and eloquently! 

Writing magnetic content for your business!

Writing a great book

If you dream of

Do you want to experience my secret for yourself?

Join me for an action packed 3 Day Challenge to step into your power as a Creativity Goddess, to reclaim this lost art and wield the magic of words! 

We’re going to work with 3 different Goddesses over 3 days to unleash your Creative potential! 

I have a sacred process which brings joy to everything I write! 

There is a way to make writing FUN and magical! 

feel like the process is just too daunting and you can’t get inspired?

Do you have dreams of writing beautiful books or amazing content for your business?

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On Day 1 we’ll work with Brigid, Goddess of Poetry and the Sacred Flame, to ignite your Creative Spark! 

day one

On Day 2 we’ll work with the beautiful Goddess Saraswati so you can speak your truth and learn how to make your words flow like the river!

day two

On Day 3 we’ll work with Ceridwen’s Cauldron to enchant your words and help you step into your full creative potential! 

day three

All three days will have a Guided Journey, a Sacred Activation, Goddess Lore and time to write! Can you write for 3 days? 

Whether you want to write a book or Content for Social Media, these Goddesses are here to infuse your work with wonder, enchantment and unceasing beauty. 

This will be a sacred space to activate your magic! A replay will be sent out if you can’t attend live! 

These Goddesses are here to help YOU transform into the Writer you’ve always longed to be!

Join me for this Three Day Challenge to reignite your creative spark! 

Many times people have a frustrating relationship with writing, because it can be hard to get that first burst of inspiration and keep the fire going! It’s time to take the stress out of writing so it can be fun and magical again! 

Anyone looking to connect with their Inner Goddess and experience the sacred magic of words! 

Long time writers who want to infuse a little more magic into their writing!

Content Creators

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Writers

who is this for?

Take your Writing and Storytelling to new heights, burst through old blocks and become the Writer you’ve always dreamed of! 

This 3 Day Challenge will open the channel for your unique self expression! 

Are you ready and willing to unlock your creativity and see what life is like on the other side?

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I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College and I’ve taught Creative Writing to elementary, middle, high school and college aged students! I have a wealth of wisdom to share with you and I’m SO excited to get started! 

If there’s a part of you that’s a little bit curious or always dreamed of writing, join me for this exciting 3 Day Challenge for your chance to write with the Goddesses! 

Many of you know me as a Summit Host and Spiritual Teacher, but most of my life I’ve identified as a Writer! 

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